• Suitable for commerce elevator, resident elevator, hospital elevator and tourist elevator
  • Suitable for 0.63 ~ 4m/s elevator control
  • Maximum stops up to 64 stops
  • -10 ~ +10V analog voltage output
  • CAN Bus serial communication mode
  • Analog speed and multi speed given
  • Compatible to difference, open-collector and push-pull types of encoders
  • Supports elevator IC card management function
  • Supports duplex and group control function
  • Supports elevator IC card management function
  • Supports district monitoring and remote monitoring
  • LCD display operator, can display the system status and parameter, and display the real-time elevator speed curve
  • Supports STEP standard hand-held operator
  • 20 elevator fault records
  • Complies with EN81, GB7588, passes CE, CSA, TUV certification

SM03-D | SM03-E

  • Must be applied together with the car controller board SM02
  • D supports maximum 8 floors
  • E supports maximum 16 floors

SM02-G | SM02-H | SM09-IO/B

  • Signal output for arrival gong, car linght, forced door closing and overload lamp etc.
  • Conneting points for door open and door close buttons
  • Safety edge switch, light curtain switch for front and rear door
  • Supports serial and parallel voice announcer
  • Supports maximum 8 no. of SM-03 command boards (total 64 stops)
  • Supports extension functions such as Hold-Button, NS-SW and so on
  • Integrate the buzzer with car control board, which means external buzzer is not necessary
  • Extension board for controlling a second car door, electrical door lock,…

SM02-T Cartop board

  • Direct connection of trailing cable
  • Less wiring
  • Connection for up to 3x Car doors
  • Connection for up to 2x COP
  • Special function like thrusting, emergency call filter,
     energy saving, light gate test,…
  • Interface for LIMAX safe system
  • Interface for Protection room red/green lights


  • Controls 8 Lifts with 48 floors
  • CAN-Bus communication
  • CAN-Bus communication
  • Specialfunctions like
    • Destination Dispatch
    • Up peak service
    • Down peak service
    • Prorate waiting